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Problems Connecting your Belkin Router to the Internet ?- Fix it Easily

Your Belkin Router suddenly stopped working ? Not connecting to the Internet !

For some unknown reason - most likely a firmware update, but it hasn't yet been confirmed. Several models of Belkin Routers have simply started refusing to connecvt the internet.

There are many issues on Internet appearing as pointing issues with a Belkin "hearbeat" server, which apparently dosen't respond at unexpected intervals.
First we will have to understand the issue with cool mind so that, you can fix Belkin router in just a few simple steps -:
  1. Restart the Modem then after 20 sec restarts the Belkin Wireless router.(just unplug the power & wait for 10 sec and plug it back)
  2. Sometimes it's your firewall that blocks the Internet connection. Please check and update the Anti-virus.
  3. Make sure time and date are correct on your computer.
  4. Go to the device manager and update your LAN and wireless adaptor. If all this did not work, try out these options for :-


    Step 1 - Begin by clicking Windows logo > Control Panel
    Step 2 - Click Network and Internet.
    Step 3 - Click on Network & Sharing Center.
    Step 4 - Click the name of the connection you wish the edit, to the right of connections.
    Step 5 - Click Properties.
    Step 6 - Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
    Step 7 - Click the radio buttom next to use the following DNS Server address; This will allow you to enter the DNS Server addresses.
    The DNS address are as follows :
        Preferred DNS Server :
        Alternate DNS Server :

    Click OK on each of the Windows and close the Control Panel, Your Computer is now configured to use stastically assigned DNS Server addresses.

    For Mac OS X:

    Step 1 - You'll need to first head into the system preferences.
    Step 2 - Then click on Network icon..
    Step 3 - Then you want to select your Network card on the left - you will see in my example that I have got an Airport card and then select the Advanced button near the bottom right corner.
    Step 4 - Once you are there, switch over to the DNS tab, and you can start adding in DNS entries into the list. If you see entries that are grayed out just ignore them, and click the + symbol at the bottom to add new ones.
    You can add the following two items to the list:


    • First, enable Wi-fi on your device and connect to the Wi-Fi network you want to use.
    • Then tap the blue arrow button on the right side of the network name to tweak its settings.
    • Now, select the DNS field and enter , separate different DNS addresses with commas.


    Step 1 - Open the settings on the device.
    Step 2 - Select "Wi-Fi".
    Step 3 - Long press your current network, then select "modify network".
    Step 4 - Mark " Show advanced options" check box.
    Step 5 - Change "IP settings" to "Static".
    Step 6 - Add the DNS Servers to the "DNS 1", and " DNS 2 " fields.
    Step 7 - Press "save" button, disconnect from network, and re-connect for changes to take effect.